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White Decal Printing

Our PVC decal is made of special property adhesive that does not leave stain on the window – but still does its job of sticking onto surfaces perfectly. It is tailor-made for car windows , glass windows, glass doors, glass walls (shops).

This type of PVC stickers are waterproof, almost impossible to destroy by hand, durable, have a bright radiant colour, and most importantly, cheap. There is an option for the customers to specify if they want the decal to stick “in front or behind the glass”. For the decal with ‘sticking side’ of the PVC sticker behind the window panel, it is harder to sabotage since it is away from direct contact of viewers. Therefore this is very suitable for car windows/shop glass windows/shop glass doors. What’s more, we do not have a limit on minimal order, so you can order just 1 piece if you like! This has been proven very popular with people who likes customisation.

Our PVC Decal come in either white/transparent background, they both cost the same, but are used for different purposes.

White PVC Decal usually is suited only for single-sided printing. This is because the colour will be much brighter and radiant against the white background.

White PVC Decal can be used for double-sided printing. Since white PVC is translucent, printing double side will induce a problem of slightly seeing what is printed on the other side. Thus if customer wishes to print double sided PVC sticker, they have to accept this short-coming brought by the translucent property.

We also have a fully transparent PVC window sticker. Laser printing technology allows light to pass partially through it’s printed area (even with black there is still such effect), therefore a colour printed PVC sheet on the glass will sometimes be harder to look at. If the customer however wishes to do transparent PVC printing, we will oblige with the customer bearing responsibility for the result.

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