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Our PVC waterproof sticker is possibly the cheapest across the country, and with no minimal order limitations.
Waterproof PVC sticker is more commonly used than paper sticker, as it is waterproof, hard to tear, has bright radiant color, and is cheap.
This makes it very suitable for product labels, wet items labelling, outdoor items etc.,and is very popular for all professions.

There are two types of PVC Stickers – White and transparent

Our PVC plastic sticker is specially made to withstand water, scratches, and prolonged use without color fading. However there might be some inconvenience brought about by this special make, please read the following carefully:

(1) Our PVC waterproof sticker are differentiated by white/transparent background, they both cost the same, but are used for different purposes. Most customers use the type with white background (See below). Please consider your use for the sticker and choose the type of sticker appropriately (Transparent? White background?).

(2) Laser printers cannot print ‘white’, as it is often assumed to be colorless. Therefore, if there are white spaces in your manuscript file, printing on transparent sticker would render it colorless. If you wish to have the ‘white’, then you must use the PVC sticker with white background.

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