Love your company / want to foster a sense of belonging in your staff?
How about distributing some stickers with the company motto for the employees to paste onto opal cards?

Have a mission statement you want to share with the world? Have a movement that you want to create awareness for and promote?
Print your artwork onto the opal card, draw attention with this new innovative way of marketing, create interest and have people go “wow” at both your beautiful design and this ingenious idea! Even strangers on the train wouldn’t be able to hide their amusement when you show them your customised opal card!

Want to always look at your loved one whenever you travel?
Now you can print your photos and paste it onto the opal card – that way, you do not always have to rely on mobile phone battery!

Our opal card stickers are an exact fit – meaning they do not protrude out from the card and can last on the opal card for a good few years – unless you purposely peel them off!


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